[PODCAST] Is there a bot in the background?

Seth Adler

The fear around automation is that it will inevitably result in job losses, but the reality could be very different: human work is being augmented by AI to deliver a better service to customers - without losing the human touch. 

Manish Jain - Senior Director of Robotics and AI at RBC - joins us to talk about how the future is one of redeployment and game-changing development of the Silent Listener Chat Bot.

"We are building a silent listener chat bot, which will listen to the conversation when an agent and a client are having those discussions. While those discussions are happening, the chat bot or the silent listener is going to understand the intent of the conversation, what the client is talking about, getting the client, IDs. In the meanwhile while the discussion is happening in goes in the background, brings in all policies and procedures, client, all information ready on the agent's screen. Agent without putting the client on hold is having a continuous discussion"