Podcast: How Volvo innovates products through the application of machine learning and AI

Jair Ribeiro, senior artificial intelligence business analyst for Volvo Group, speaks with PEX Network about Volvo’s use of AI and machine learning to drive product innovation

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Senior artificial intelligence (AI) business analyst for the Volvo Group, Jair Ribeiro, discusses Volvo’s decision to develop its AI and machine learning Center of Excellence. Ribeiro also discusses his time with international business machines corporation, IBM, where he developed his initial interest in AI for process excellence.

Ribeiro details the difference between a solely IT-based company and an organization such as Volvo, which is implementing technologies into a product that is not inherently technology focused.

He explains that reliability and safety is, and has always been, Volvo’s number one concern, and discusses how technology and regulations impact the modern innovations at Volvo. Finally, Ribeiro closes with his thoughts on fully autonomous vehicles and what it means for the future of Volvo.