Adding value through technology

Do new technologies really add value to a business? How do you cut through the buzzwords and hype to figure out where you should be spending your money - and where you mustn't?

Deepak Subbarao of Zurich describes how technology and culture are intersecting to make work faster - and why people should change how they view their digital transformations with priority number one being to stop counting how many bots they are running. 

Deepak is a business leader with over 12 years of experience in Financial Services, Technology, Industrial, Healthcare domains. Host Seth Adler caught up with Deepak at the 3rd AI and RPA World Series in Berlin.


Let's try with the simplest one or maybe a medium complexity. See if it works, knowing well that we have to adapt, customize and then we'll have to iterate very quickly to different types of processes, to see whether these solutions fit the bill and then if it does not maybe integrate other solutions in knowing very well that there is no one solution fits all.