Video: Companies need to be mindful of the pace of change in technology!!

Ben Stoneham, co-founder and ceo of intelligent robotic process automation technology company Autologyx discusses enabling agile business, innovation and the pace of change in technology.

“What we are seeing is that the groundwork has been done by people like Blue Prism who, I think it would be fair to say were pretty instrumental in coining the RPA and owning the RPA term.”

One of the things that Ben says all of his customers from the outset is to be mindful of the pace of change in technology such as the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

  “The reality is there’s not that much new under the sun in that field,” he says.

If you would like more insight into RPA and where it can be deployed in your organzation download a copy of the white paper Robotic Process Automation: A New Era of Agent Engagement.