Video: Automation Anywhere VP gives advice on scaling up RPA

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Tags: RPA

James Dening, Vice President for Europe at Automation Anywhere says the big conversation in the robotic process automation (RPA) space this year has been about adoption.

 “There’s a huge chasm, still, between people who know and people who don’t quite know yet.”

"Building your first five robots isn’t that hard, building your first 500 is much harder, and the companies that have figured that out and are churning out robots at an industrial level, and are getting that return on investment at real scale, they’re the ones who are really succeeding", Dening says.

His advice to organizations that are planning to scale up their use of RPA is to talk to people who have already deployed RPA at scale and find out how they’re doing it.

Also, companies should find out about the frameworks within their RPA programme and learn about best practice, centers of excellence and governance models.


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