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Jennifer Pham

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You don’t need to  be a world class expert on robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to implement them into your business, but from a leadership perspective, you do need to know what value it brings to the company, and how your current workforce can benefit from the changes.

While most businesses involved in RPA are still at the early or pilot stages of their journey into large-scale automation, ROI (return on investment) is already being benchmarked. It is not an issue of ‘the robots taking over’, but rather, how the systems are emplaced across wider strategic processes to provide as much added-value as possible. Technology alone is not the answer—those working alongside them must be prepared and supported in the adoption and management of these tools to make any real difference.

Fortunately, many organizations have been doing just that, allowing the rest of us the opportunity to learn from their astonishing successes.

RPA & AI Live is a free-to-attend online event hosting a series of webinars on best practice, insightful case-studies and thought-leading ways to prosper. Last year’s event successfully delivered on outstanding content which consisted of ‘laying the foundations of automation Centre  of Excellence’, to ‘unlocking dark data using RPA’.

This year, the PEX Network has once again carefully selected key industry leaders to guide you on the right path—regardless of the size or stage of your enterprise—by identifying suitable approaches for automation. Opening the event is the President of , global food giant Mars, who is sharing the story of how she’s saved 300,000 hours through automation and converted her ‘back office’ into ‘one office’, where business services are now seen as a vital part of the wider organization.

This event is dedicated to practical advice, key takeaways and templates you can implement whatever stage you are at on your automation journey. Other sessions at the event range from walkthroughs on the basics of RPA, to using Optical Character Recognition to improve customer services and other processes.

24th - 27th June 2019

Save the dates in your diary, and save yourself some time and money in travelling by accessing this valuable content straight from your computer, tablet or mobile, anywhere you want. Live attendees can benefit from flexible access,  the opportunity to put questions to speakers in real-time, and the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

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Registrants may also download our on-demand videos to watch again, catch up on missed sessions or to share with colleagues.