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RPA & AI Live 2018

London, UK – PEX Network, the London-based global community for process and business professionals, is hosting the second RPA & AI Live 2018 event between June 25-28 after last year’s event surpassed all expectations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has changed the way we manufacture products, buy them, and even access the money to pay for them, to name just three applications. But many businesses are unsure of how and where to start using it; RPA is seen by many as a crucial stepping stone on the journey to incorporating Artificial Intelligence into a business, and it is thought that the technology will render the current business climate unrecognisable in a few short years. Staying still is a recipe for disaster – but many business leaders are unsure of where to leap.

‘Unfortunately, those hoping to be early adopters are lagging if they haven’t already begun their journey,’ says PEX Editor, Ian Hawkins. ‘There has been a revolution in the way data is used by businesses you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be data-driven – print, for example.’

With 44% of businesses not yet implementing or beyond the pilot stage of RPA projects (according to industry research carried out by IQPC), there is plenty of appetite for learning for those who have been using the technology for as long as it’s been available to those who are lagging behind.

The world’s second RPA Live is an online event targeting business leaders who need to identify how RPA can be used effectively to give them a lead on the competition. RPA Live is hosting experts from companies like Appian, UiPath, IBM, Celonis and HelpSystems on webinars that can be accessed wherever you are in the world. Last year, 1,500 delegates watched sessions on machine learning, robotics, and how outsourcing could be a thing of the past, with some hailing the event as a ‘must-attend conference.’ Ed Wells, Head of Online, says: ‘The event has been a runaway success. We have clearly tapped into a need that people have here. The future can be intimidating, we have to give people the information they need to negotiate the roadmap to success with confidence.’

‘The businesses that are on top of the data will be the winners,’ says Ian, ‘and businesses that are putting their heads in the sand over this are making themselves targets for disruption.’

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