iGrafx Announces Cohesive RPA Accelerator Solution

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Is it possible to identify, assess, prioritize, execute and govern robotic process automation (RPA) projects without amassing a confusing patchwork of systems?

iGrafx unveiled the industry’s first end-to-end RPA Accelerator solution - a turnkey package that includes a new version of the iGrafx Platform, along with process mining from myInvenio, RPA bots from either UiPath or Servicetrace and professional services from BP3. For the first time ever, Center of Excellence leaders can access the combined, best-of-breed capabilities from a single source for a single price.

“Our customers tell us that they have a huge challenge understanding what to optimize and automate in order to achieve real digital transformation,” says Ryan Tognazzini, CEO at iGrafx. This is a challenge that is also iterated again and again by industry experts.  In a recent Forrester report, Rob Koplowitz, VP, Principal Analyst, wrote “Digital transformation initiatives are tangled up in misunderstood processes. Manual routing and process gaps further muddle the picture. A sobering 37% of business and technology decision makers report that their organizations experience these issues.  Process professionals must transform processes by optimizing and automating them; to create a successful road map for this, they need to develop and dissect process data to guide their vision.”

“CoE leaders have exponentially more technology options today than when we founded iGrafx back in 1991,” said iGrafx CTO, Ed Maddock.  “To help them be successful, we’ve architected a best-of-breed solution combining a new iGrafx RPA Module and key partner capabilities into a single, easy-to-buy solution so that our customers can figure out exactly what to automate and then prove results.  Not to mention, then address the longer-term challenges of governing ever-increasing workforces of bots and ensuring processes remain compliant.”

The launch of the RPA Accelerator solution reflects significant updates to the iGrafx Platform, including a new RPA Module, as well as iGrafx’s new technology partnerships with UiPath and myInvenio, and a new services partnership with BP3.