Best of 2018: Process Mining

Ian Hawkins

Process Mining

How will you remember 2018? Will it be global events like Trump and Brexit something more personal, or something to do with your career or business?

For me, my memories of 2018 will be a bit of all three; starting as Editor of PEX Network in March has been a personal milestone, as well as shoring up a connection to the wider business community - who in turn are inevitably responding to the bigger things going on in the world. 

Over the holidays, I'll be bringing you some of my (personal, not comprehensive) highlights from the year gone by. Today's theme: Process Mining

Though it seems a little self-referential to start with my own piece, it's really a springboard to something else. Who's afraid of Process Mining? is a high level overview to the concept with a link through to a whitepaper on how it can make the most of your RPA implementation. 

Once you have the concept under your belt, how does it work in real life? here's a case study, Innovation is an alliance with the future about how Siemens partnered with Celonis to deliver outstanding results. 

Finally, checking back on your predictions from the beginning of the year is always fun (or horrifying, if you wrote it) - Process Mining counts as trend #7 on this list of Top 10 BPM trends in 2018. We may have peaked early: our latest research predicts a 30% increase in firms using process mining in the next 18 months. 

We'll be looking at Process Mining a lot more in 2019 - starting with a webinar that we've just signed off - you heard it here first!

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