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OPEX Week Live 2019

Anne-Sophie Andre - BP OPEX Week Live 2019 

Whether your organization is facing significant financial or operational challenges, or looking to drive a big step up in performance, a coalition of change agents and leaders, if restricted to your Operational Excellence and Process or transformational professionals community, is likely to turn out unable to move that needle fast enough or far enough. We’ve all heard that roughly only one third of transformations deliver the intended benefits, the most constant and depressing stat in our field!


Key takeaways:

  • Start with strategic intent and connect it to operations to improve customer interactions and experience
  • Effectively work with business units to hit the right combination between solving problems and measuring performance in OPEX interventions
  • Move from mechanical process design to business outcome driven alignment of ways of working, mindset and competencies
  • So, are Waterfall and Lean Six Sigma over and done with?

Speaker: Anne-Sophie Andre, Head of Global Process Architecture, BP


To learn more watch the session here