Avoiding silos in an outsourced service

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How do businesses choose a location to outsource to? How does an outsourced service allign their culture with a remote 'mother company'? And what are the best ways to overcome the pitfalls of sending a department overseas?

Rosita Vasilkeviciute is Head of Global Services (Lithuania) at Danske Bank. She has a long history of working in the financial services and outsourcing/ CRM industries. Podcast host Seth Adler caught up with Rosita after her keynote speech at SSOW (autumn) in Vilnius, Lithuania, to talk about what Lithuania's culture brings to Danske Bank - and how to avoid an 'us and them' attitude on both sides. 


'Six yeards ago it was very much like working in silos. Today it is a very different picture. Even Danske Bank, which was very much an institusional company, very much hierarchical, now it became much more open, much more global and has embraces the change and the fast pace of a changing environment. '