How John Lewis employs collaborative teams to drive process excellence

Steve Kato-Spyrou, UX & SD manager at John Lewis, talks to PEX Network about organizational change and how John Lewis manages consumer interactions

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Steve Kato-Spyrou, UX and SD manager at UK department store chain John Lewis, discusses organizational change, the challenges of interacting with the modern consumer and how to manage the wide array of touchpoints that theyconsumers have with organizations.

Kato-Spyrou notes that touchpoints it takes a corporation a collaborative way of thinking to reach consumers in an effective way. He offers examples of how he creates workshops to get everyone in an organization on board with this methodology, from the top down.

Kato-Spyrou believes that organizations must work together to implement new ideas with regards to consumer interaction. He predicts that collaborative working, a step away from traditional business silos, is the next major milestone in process excellence.

“Now they've got to work together on these ideas that have come up. And that's going to be the next step: how we truly get away from the business silos and slam them all together into a cross-functional team.”