10 Things People Love About Working in Process Excellence

Andrea Charles

Happy workers

There are lots of things we love, our family, friends, pets, car… but do you love your job? According to the World Health Organization (WHO) most of the world’s population (58%) spend one-third of their adult life working, so job satisfaction is of the upmost importance. Whilst happiness in the work place has a direct impact on our health, well-being and relationships, it also heavily influences employee performance and productivity benefiting organizations and the wider economy, so its value is not to be under-estimated.

According to the recently released PEX Network’s Process Excellence Salary Benchmarking Report 2016, the majority of process professionals, over 65% of respondents reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” in their current jobs. This is great news for the community, but what is driving job satisfaction in the process and business performance landscape?

As part of its research, the PEX Network asked 600+ survey respondents what they most enjoyed about their work in Process Excellence. Here we list their top 10 motivators:    

#1: Engagement with the Shop Floor

Time spent at Gemba ( where work gets done, i.e. the 'shop floor') is essential to process improvement for customers and co-workers. Engaging with the shop floor and having a positive impact on the daily work of employees is highly regarded as one of the most rewarding aspects of working in process. 

#2: The Opportunity for Collaboration

Process excellence is not possible without cross functional and cross site support. Many professionals listed collaboration with teams and the opportunity work across divisions as one of the most enjoyable parts of their job.  This enabled them to make meaningful change across multiple functions and engage in key strategic priority work.

#3: The Move to Excellence  

Is process excellence a vocation, a job, a career or a profession? Helping people to have more impact and influence and enabling them to put their own productivity ideas into action were high up the job satisfaction agenda for professionals.  With a strong vocational aspect, teaching, coaching and mentoring co-workers to better understand process excellence principles and methods is a crucial part of the role.

#4: Value Generation

Ultimately achieving process excellence is about creating value for all stakeholders. Creating and improving value by helping the company to achieve strategic objectives and generating customer value were favorite aspects of process excellence.

#5: Solving Business Problems through Process

Solving problems is always rewarding in any type of job, but the survey found that problem analyzing was especially enjoyable for process professionals. No surprise there! Finding hidden wastes, implementing new ways of solving problems and solving large complex business problems were all cited as key reasons respondents enjoyed their jobs.

#6: Brand New Assignments

Newness never gets old. Process professionals enjoy the challenge that new assignments bring. The role allows professionals to about learn about new tools, meet new people and gather new knowledge in order to establish new forms of process execution.

#7: Be a Change Agent

One of the many hats process excellence professionals must wear today is that of change agent.  Many professionals relish the constant change of their roles and the challenge to initiate and sustain change within an organization.  

#8: Freedom

Some of the best ideas are born out of autonomy. Process professionals enjoy the freedoms and flexibility their roles allow them. The freedoms to think, act and express were all considered important to job satisfaction and vital to unleashing creativity.

#9: No Monotony Here

Monotony in the workplace is often thought as of an adversary of job satisfaction. Variety in the daily tasks conducted by process professionals and the diversity of projects were cited as key facets of high job satisfaction.

#10: Quantifiable Value

Driving bottom line results and having a quantifiable value to the company were also often listed as the most enjoyable aspects of working in process excellence. For many process professionals, driving the overall success is of the business and making a positive change is one of the most fulfilling aspects of the job. 

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