Business Process Improvement as a strategic initiative: Interview with Pegasystem’s Setrag Khoshafian

Business as usual is not working, says Setrag Khoshafian, Chief Evangelist of Pegasystems. With the various pressures that today’s companies are experiencing, he says, companies must look beyond what they’ve typically done because doing the same thing and getting the same results no longer cuts it when markets are evolving so quickly.

In this video interview, Khoshafian, discusses why businesses are looking to transform their operations, looks at how companies are leveraging Business Process Management as a core of their business architecture, and the types of roles and skills that will be in demand in the enterprise of the future.

Setrag Khoshafian will be presenting a webinar on this topic and more as he explores the "Top 10 Enterprise Trends Shaping Process Excellence". If you’re interested you can sign up here to learn more about the business process transformation trends that are enabling adaptive enterprises keep with the rhythm of change.


Questions asked in this interview:

Business transformation as a strategic initiative – what does that mean?

Why is this – business transformation becoming a strategic initiative – is becoming more compelling now?

What are some of the trends that you see within strategic business transformation?

What impact is that having on the roles and skills that organizations require?