Sustaining Improvement: From Business Reengineering to Six Sigma to Lean to BPM

Process improvement and exercise regimes have a lot in common, says Brad Power, consultant and researcher in process innovation. People usually commit to them for a short period of time before losing interest and moving onto the next thing. The process improvement world has had a plethora of approaches - Business Process Reengingeering, Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and many others - and each new generation of management has had its own version of improvement. But as with diets and exercise regimes, you'd be much better off if you committed to a continual program of improvement rather than embarking on "episodic" improvements.

In this PEX Network video, filmed LIVE during PEX Week earlier this year, Power explains what he calls "Process Attention Deficit Disorder," talks about its characteristics and dangers and explains what he thinks is the root cause of the "disorder." In this video, Power is interviewed by Steve Towers, CEO and founder of the BP Group.