Operational excellence is not an option in oil and gas...it's an imperative

The growth of North American crude production has significantly shifted the challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders across the value chain. Unconventional oil and gas requires unprecedented excellence within and across the value chain amidst onerous commercial conditions, economic and regulatory pressures.

This means only one thing: operators must be very focused on improving operational performance if they want to deliver positive returns. This PEX Network video looks at some of the key reasons that operational excellence is no longer an option for energy companies...it's a central imperative.

Are you implementing a performance improvement program?
Our Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit in Calgary 3 - 5 June will provide insight in to this as well as how to drive value and optimize your operational processes. If you're looking to build a world-class Operational Excellence program this event is for you. Find out more and take a look at the topics and speakers.