Deploying Hoshin Kanri as a Competitive Weapon: Interview with Paul Docherty, i-nexus

Hoshin Kanri, a form of strategy deployment that helps organization's cascade the strategic vision down into specific actions at all levels of the organization has been adopted by companies like Danaher, Toyota and ITT. However, getting it right can be easier said than done and is as much a culture as well as a technical challenge. In this video interview Paul Docherty, founder and executive director of i-nexus, talks about the keys to using Hoshin Kanri and making it stick. Questions addressed in this video interview:


  • How does Hoshin Kanri help organizations?
  • Do you think there's been more interest in Hoshin Kanri in recent years? (If so, can you give some examples of what you're seeing)
  • Why do you think we've seeing that uptick?
  • Where do you often see organizations go wrong with Hoshin Kanri?
  • How do you recommend organizations overcome those challenges?