Demonstrating the value of process excellence: A discussion with Major Oak Consulting's Adam Golden

Justifying the value of process improvement remains one of the most important challenges facing process professionals in the year, says Adam Golden, Principal and Founder at Major OakConsulting. It is critical, he says, that everything the process excellence teams do adds real value to the bottom line. He also discusses the growing interest in the industry in improving the customer experience and what it means to go "beyond Voice of the Customer".

In this video interview, Golden discusses key challenges for the year ahead and comments on what he thinks process professionals can do to better demonstrate their worth.

Questions discussed in this video interview:

  • What do you see as the biggest challenges confronting process improvement professionals in the year ahead?
  • Why do you think process professionals have difficulty proving that value?
  • What types of services are you seeing most interest for in the process excellence market?
  • What are the common stumbling blocks that you find companies may encounter when embarking on bottom line cost savings?
  • How do you recommend they overcome those obstacles?