Creating a High Touch Personalized Customer Service - Interview with Co-Founder of Quintessentially

‘We can get you anything, anywhere, anytime’ – This is the Elevator Pitch of Quintessentially - a high-touch personal service tuned into which products and services best suit the client in question. This exclusive interview with Aaron Simpson, Co-Founder & Group Executive Chairman, taps into how the business came to be (near the bath, he says!) and how it has grown into a hugely successful enterprise, tapping into the luxury concierge/lifestyle market.

Aaron discusses where he sees the empire expanding from its current 60 offices – citing bullish expectations for the BRICs, emerging markets and beyond. He explains the branding strategy, which at every level strives to embody the company’s essence, and how exactly this is rolled out. Next he looks at the attributes, skills set and leadership personality required of a CEO, and the persistence needed to be a successful entrepreneur. The interview also touches upon how to run a business during an economic downtime, how to innovate and pick the right brands to work with, the importance of aligning to your customers’ future needs. He rounds off with an overview of the habits of highly successful people.