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Podcast: Tony Saldhana, Transformant

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Seth Adler talks to Tony Saldhana on his 27 years at P&G, how start ups can pair with big organizations to test their new ideas and how he has found business cultures differ between the six different countries he's lived in. Oh, and that Goa is the place to take your next vacation. 



99% of the ideas that we get, that are truly 10x disruptive, we get from the startup community. Any disruptive innovation that you do, if that does not actually have people such as startups, that have those disruptive ideas, then you're kidding yourself... what we have found is that eventually the sheer number of startups, and the ability for them to innovate is actually unprecedented in today's world. I have to tell you that there is not a single problem or variant of a problem, that I've come up with, that somewhere in the ecosystem of thousands of startups there isn't a startup there that actually has been working on that.