Lessons from NASCAR on process excellence in oil and gas

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How do you go from professional stock car racing to running a successful subsea oil and gas business?

Former NASCAR driver turned CEO and Founder of T-Rex E&C, Bobby Hillin Jnr, discusses how the skills he learned on the speedway applies to an oil and gas context at his HQ in Houston. At the age of 22, Bobby became the youngest driver in the modern era of Winston Cup Racing to win an event, and the youngest driver ever to win on a super speedway.

Listent to this interview to find out:

  • The most important facets of building a new business to serve offshore oil and gas
  • The most important performance challenges to face up to in the coming year
  • The lessons and experiences that 20+ years of racing has brought and can be transferred to T-Rex?
  • How to successfully communicate and motivate frontline employees to strive to work harder and better

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Interview first published on www.oilandgasiq.com