PEX Network editor discusses blockchain, Brexit, OPEX in Africa and more [Podcast]

From blockchain prospects, to process excellence in Africa, Ian Hawkins, PEX Network editor breaks down a wide array of hot issue OPEX topics

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Seth Adler

Ian Hawkins, PEX Network editor, discusses a wide range of topics in this episode such as outside investment in Africa and how it’s boosting their process excellence; whether or not blockchain is being oversold, spoiler alert: it is, and use cases for the technology; data and process mining; forecasting; intelligent automation; Brexit; and data as currency. Ultimately, Hawkins sums things up with one important conclusion: 


“With all of these things there's a crossover between what's good for the computer and what's good for people."

What will you learn from this podcast?

  • What will be in the flagship 2020 PEX report

  • To what extent is blockchain being oversold

  • What are the future prospects of the process mining sector

  • And much more...

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