The collaboration factor

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Developers, testers, project managers, business and technology experts... how do you create a collaborative environment for a diverse set of people, with divergent skills, possibly in different geographical locations? Getting people talking to each other at the same time, says podcast guest, Chris Gilmore, makes a huge difference in getting big IT projects off the ground quickly. 

Chris Gilmour is currently leading robotics automation initiatives with key vendor partners for Medicare Business and IT processes. 


'The learnings from the services organization which I spend most of my time in was really focused around, how can technology be leveraged to help clients on their digital journey. We have this entire focus in Infosys as well, where we look at, what are the new trends in technology? How can the clients use those technologies to actually help them be faster, much more agile, make sure that they are compliant as well? Really help them be more agile, make sure that they can focus on modernization aspects as well.'