6 domains for IA products

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Seth Adler

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So your new automated process is ready to go... how do you move from planning to practice?

Today's podcast guest says there are six domains for IA products: architecture, config build, management, execution, orchestration and intelligence. Across those areas there are 143 areas and functions. Who cares how it all works -  and who knows?

Lee Coulter from IEEE has been leading major change programs for almost 30 years. Groomed for leadership at GE during the Welch era, Lee has been an executive leader in five industries, on five continents, running P&L in the front office and transforming the back office. 

Currently Lee is driving leading edge transformation in healthcare leveraging Intelligent Process Automation and cognitive computing platforms.

"The reality is that you're not going to want to build heavy IT integration between all these systems. You're always going to be looking for something to stitch these things together in ways that are important to the business that drive some sort of material outcome."