Process fun: Building customer service one Lego at a time

With the start of a new year we thought it was a good time to start a new feature on - Process Fun of the Week. Now you might be thinking that process isn’t really all that fun – but we know better!

In this new weekly feature, we’ll be bringing you stories, jokes and cartoons from around the web. And if you spot something great that you think should be included – let us know at

Let the fun begin…

Harnessing the spirit of Sensei Wu?

A great story from Britain has been making the rounds this week after Lego replied to a young British boy distraught over the loss of his Jay ZX lego figure on a shopping trip. The seven year old boy wrote to Lego customer services after losing the toy and asked if the company would replace it.

Much to the surprise of the boy and his father, Richard from Lego customer service wrote back:

"My bosses told me I could not send you one out for free because you lost it, but, I decided I would put a call into Sensei Wu to see if he could help me. He told me to tell you, 'Luka, your father seems like a very wise man. You must always protect your Ninjago minifigures like the dragons protect the Weapons of Spinjitzu!'"

Richard promised not only to replace the toy but upgraded the figure and also sent him "an enemy to fight".

It shows just how easy it is to be exceptional in an era when far too many e-mails disappear into a black whole and customer service representatives don’t know how to deal with exceptions. Not only are they some of the coolest toys on the planet, but Lego has really impressed us this week with their customer service.