New Book Offers Insight Into Running Successful BPM Transformation Projects

8 July 2016: Have you ever wished you had a Business Project Management project expert as a mentor?  Have you ever wondered what you could do to be more successful as a BPM project professional? In “The Business Transformation Field Guide” released this week on Amazon, well-known Business Transformation experts Daniel Morris, Rod Moyer, and Keith Leust share decades of experience to help you avoid the common pitfalls and understand what it takes to truly lead successful BPM and BPMS enabled BPM transformation projects.

The field guide contains over 840 best practice “hints” organized following the activity flow of a formal BPM methodology. These hints are designed to be an easy to access “mentor” allowing readers to quickly focus on information that will help them with the specific activities they are working on.  This guidance is easy to consume and includes hints on what to do, what to consider, and what to avoid.

By addressing the entire transformation project life cycle readers get the information they need on performing a wide range of tasks quickly, at the time they really need it – when it can do the most good.  It is designed to help teams pull together and perform activities in a consistent manner, using the same techniques – in the same way.  

Reviewers have, without exception, recommended the field guide.  For example:

Eric Thompson, VP Operational Excellence Wyndham Worldwide says, "There are a lot of 'how to' books written on this subject.  Typically, I review them with a skeptical eye, which was the case here.  After reading the Business Transformation Field Guide, my first thought was, 'where was this book when I started?'  This Guide would have been instrumental in avoiding many pitfalls that leaders face.  As a seasoned leader, we can’t remember or know everything.   The guide helps to ensure you are thinking holistically and reinforcing critical areas that are key to successful transformation.  I would recommend this book to transformation leaders regardless of their years of experience."

Denis Gagne, CEO & CTO, Trisotech says, “Takes the reader through the journey of business transformation by providing clear and pragmatic nuggets of experience and expertise that the authors call “hints."  All in all, a really practical field guide structured around a comprehensive business transformation methodology.”

Diana Davis, Senior Editor, PEX Network says, “The authors of the Business Transformation Field Guide have distilled decades of hands on experience into an easy to read and comprehensive guide to successfully running large, complex enterprise projects. The advice is refreshingly practical and contains insights that you don’t often find in books about business change. This is a book that all business transformation professionals should not only read but read and read again as there is such a wealth of knowledge that new ideas and tips can be picked up on each reading. It's like having your own personal business transformation mentor available on demand.”

The authors of The Business Transformation Field Guide have led numerous transformation projects while working for major international consulting firms such as IBM and Oracle.  In addition, Daniel is a PEX Network columnist and one of the main authors of the Association of Business Process Management Association’s Certified Business Process Professional certification exam and together with Keith Leust, wrote the Business Architect Association’s initial certification exam.

The book can be found on Amazon books at or by searching the book title “The Business Transformation Field Guide”.

Please contact Dan Morris, 630-290-4858 or daniel.morris@wendan-consulting for any additional information on the book.