How to cope with rapid change

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Millennials - and Gen Zs - are changing the way we watch television: young people are more likely to download something to a pad when they want to watch it than schedule an evening in front of the television - with some exceptions. What does this mean to the financial department of a company like NBCUniversal Media?

Bob Kurpershoek is Director Innovations and Strategic Initiatives at NBCUniversal Media, part of NBCU’s Corporate Controllership Group based out of Amsterdam and London. He champions the NBCU Robotic Process Automation program and GPO for the finance automation strategy.

Podcast host Seth Adler asked Bob what 'innovation' means to his organization, how young people are driving different expectations, and how technological developments are driving workplace trends. 


'Innovation is actually going be very important for us in the future and I think that technology, finance, IT is growing closer and closer together in the end. We're expected to do more with less amount of people, we have be more effective and to be able to achieve that.'