New shoes and old habits

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'Perception is reality,' says this week's podcast guest: whatever you think about yourself is irrelevant if the customer disagrees with you, and the saying holds true with internal customers, too. Adidas is currently undergoing a transformation with their shared services taking the reins of HR and procurement. But with offices in the US, Portugal and Germany, how does a business like Addidas convince itself to adopt a new perception of itself?

Kamila Grembowicz is a Global Business Services and Transformation executive with 20 years of experience in international, dynamic, multifunctional environments with a record of delivering projects that have tangible monetary benefits for Finance and other suporting functions.



'A lot of this learning is purely about human behaviors. How to manage change, how to inform, how to work with people. More difficult is to do the things and feed the company culture, and work with the people. That's always a challenge.'