Is your past strangling your future?

This week's podcast interviewee says that financial services have been adding complexity for forty years - and it's holding the industry back. David Castellani is the Business Information Officer and Senior Vice President for New York Life, overseeing enterprise technology initiatives and business process improvement.

'Agile at scale today is the ultimate decentralization of tech and business and business and tech,' he tells Seth Adler. 'They live together, they operate together, they sprint together, they iterate together, they correct together... and they're never seperated.'

If businesses want to asee different outcomes, he argues, they will have to do things differerntly - and that means an attitude change towards the habit of laying new code on top of old. 

David Castellani'I don't think you're ever happy to start with. You constantly have got to be feeding the beast of change in order to be faster. I mean, think about why ... People always want agility. They say they want speed, but what holds them back? Well, it's the mountain of legacy that was built 40, 30, 25 years ago that actually represents the core. That's the massive speed bump. That's the glue that holds the organizations from moving quicker and faster. Asset reduction is key to this conversation. Without it, you're going to continue to be slow.'