How to get to the future - and avoid being history

Change and Continuous Improvement efforts tend to be directed at front line staff, but, as this week's interviewee says, that's not what he finds most interesting. Edward Blackman, Global Senior Leader of Continuous Improvement, Whirlpool, tells the podcast that the upper levels of an organization need to get involved in the CI process, and why the science of behaviour is a potentially untapped resource for businesses who want to understand why their great ideas aren't working in real life. 

Edward Blackman

Go where you're invited. Do a proof of concept or a moral line approach there, demonstrate that it actually does work in this company where you're not unique. We have demonstrated it here as more of a change management approach. Then when people say, 'I'm not sure if I agree with this approach,' You take them to that model line, so that they can see what their future looks like, internally and say, 'Does that look like better to you? Let's discuss why or why not?'