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Conor McGrath

This article was originally published on FlowForma

September. I'm sure every family is acutely aware of what this month means, it's time for kids to return to school following the Summer holidays!

Personally, I often dreaded this time of the year, thinking of another 9 months of sitting in classrooms. However the fact of the matter is they were, and probably will always be, the best days of our lives - no bills, no stresses, no responsibilities.

In fact, last week in the FlowForma office, the topic of 'back to school' got the entire staff thinking about our school days, from first days to our favorite teachers. As a result we soon realized that we all appeared to have a common favorite subject - mathematics!

But why?

Process Problem Solvers

Working in the area of digital transformation and process automation requires the trait of problem solving to come to the fore. On a daily-basis we chat to various different businesses from all verticals about their process problems, ultimately looking to a process automation tool for the answers.

So when you come to think of it, it makes sense as to how mathematics would be the preferred subject choice of our process experts. The comparisons don't just start and end with our staff of course. After all, almost everything around us revolves around math in order to function - whether it be the managing of our money, finding the closest shop to you, or keeping the score at a sports event/game.

Process Equations

What relates most between the FlowForma Process Automation tool and mathematics, is that both are based on logic. Our solution contains simple business logic in order to empower business users to quickly and easily deploy their business processes online.

Our 3-in-1 tool combining forms, document generation and workflows straight out of the box isn't the only equation with which our tool comes in at top of class. A FlowForma customer in the education sector have made significant savings in both time and money from automating their processes, such as:

  • 1 college + 6 automated processes = 5,222 admin hours saved (real world FlowForma customer ROI example)

  • Trips & Visits Process (normally 7 days)  + process automation = 1 day! (in total 1,600 hrs and almost £20,000 saved per annum)

  • Expenses Process (typically 5 days) + process automation = 36 hours saved by staff per week!

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