5 great podcasts for transformation

The world is changing and survival in business means being flexible, bouncing back and exploring possibilities. Seth Adler, host of the PEX Podcast, has interviewed dozens of leading lights from the world of Process Excellence – and here’s my pick of the best on the subject of Transformation.

Ep.48: Bart Vande Sande, ABN Amro

No matter what you’re talking about, according to Bart van de Sande the Head of Operations Transaction Banking for ABN Amro, it’s all just transformation. At the core he asks, do you love your clients? Do you have passion for your clients? Do you want to go the extra mile? Do you know what drives them? How are you going to help them to fulfill their dreams or maybe sometimes help them to get out of their worst nightmares? That, Bart says, is the core of transformation.


Ep.54: Richie Daigle, Coca-Cola Refreshments

Are changes in your own organization pushing you towards technological transformation? From Coca Cola Refreshments Richie Dangle shares how the organizations business transformation has led to the opportunity for intelligent automation. Understanding their mainframe application, Richie and his team had to take into account some of what the target systems were automating and which software vendors could accommodate those target systems and that were good at automation. Moving forward the team wanted to maintain tight control over the development standards, and the delivery methodology. "We wanted to get that done right, stood upright to begin with before we started to federate."


Ep.27: Theo Rose

Theo Rose says that talk of a retail apocalypse is overblown - and that we should be leaning in to this time of massive transformation. Recorded at OPEX Summit in San Diego, Theo says it's time we recognized that the industry has moved away from the centrifugal force of understanding what the customer wants and finding a way to deliver it to them. Iternal process need to be rebuilt to ensure behavior is aligned to optimizing the customer experience - but how?

Ep.41: Cyndi Creamer, Swiss Re

Recorded at OPEX Summit in San Diego, Cyndi Creamer shares what she’s doing in Business Transformation on the Robotics team for Swiss Re. Cyndi sorts the hype from reality, assures us that robots aren't for everyone, and are just one of the tools in the box. So if you’ve been piece-mealing your system together for years and you realize that you’ve got a lot of gaps you need to hear this about transforming your system - root and branch. 


Ep.30: Russell Ollie

Russell Ollie brings the lessons learned from eBay, Microsoft and GM among others. He contends that there’s no true difference between the terms Operational Excellence and Business Transformation. Russell’s goal has been continuous improvement with an innovation component - which used to be designed for six sigma, but now is seen as design thinking.