12 Days of PEXmas, Day 5: Why don’t you have a PEX Project?

A survey that PEX network conducted of C-level executives sheds some light on why some might be struggling to get process excellence projects off of the ground.

Over 60% of business executives cited "competing resources for time and resources" as the main reason their organization hasn’t adopted a process excellence program (see chart below). It can be difficult in a tough economy to justify investing in fixing processes when there are so many other holes to plug: investment in machines or computers, for instance, or the training of staff in the skills critical to growing your business.

"In one’s role as a process excellence and strategy leader – you need to be aware that some of your senior leadership may not have a strong affinity towards processes and therefore may not be highly receptive of those ideas," says one telephone interviewee from a major car manufacturer, who wish to remain anonymous. "But you need to influence them. You need to turn them around and that’s something that we as process professionals need to focus on."

In addition to influencing senior leadership, it is clear that in the face of competing priorities, it is focus and the discipline to follow a series of actions through is what can separate a company that consciously drives towards a goal rather than simply reacting to external forces.

Companies such as Accenture, Forrester Research and Microsoft Visio will be in Orlando this January for PEX Week 2015, where they will be explaining how best to approach Senior leadership with process projects, and how best to secure that vital support needed to get them off the ground. Download the agenda below for more information.

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