12 Days of PEXmas, Day 2: Do process and strategy links strengthen with age?

While linking process improvement with top level business strategy never gets easy no matter how long an organization has been formally practicing process improvement, companies that have long had a formal process excellence program (6+ years) are more likely to agree – or strongly agree – with the statement that process improvements are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives than those who are just starting their journey.

The chart below outlines responses from our Summer survey, which clearly shows a link between the age of the process improvement program and how closely linked to core business strategy it is. This could be a symptom of the lifecycle of a process team. In the early formative months, measurable successes are key, you need the quick wins to justify the resources and therefore are more likely to target smaller "low-hanging fruit". As the team or department matures, faith in the resource grows and focus will then tend to move towards longer term, ambitious projects, more closely aligned with key business objectives.

Linking process with business strategy is a key focus of PEX Week 2015 in Orlando this January. The event is the largest gathering of process professionals in the world. For more information on the sessions available and to find out who else will be attending, download the agenda below.

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