PEX Open House Case Studies - Making your Customer the Focal Point through BPM

Barry McIntyre

Customer Experience strategies are considered to be vitally important in corporate boardrooms across the globe but converting this strategy into real business operations is fully achieved only by few. How can you improve customer experience, retention and upsell? Can you do all 3 at the same time?

The answers can be found at PEX Open House, where for four days, starting on May 11th 2015, PEX Network have compiled a series of handpicked Process-related case studies from leading organizations across the globe to be presented at this unique multi-track online event.

Find out if you can you improve customer experience, retention and upsell on May 12th in an unmissable case study, Making your Customer the Focal Point through BPM, which will reveal the lessons learnt by Old Mutual South Africa in the course of their Customer & Intermediary Transformation program, which include:

  • Ensuring Business & IT collaborate on building process applications
  • Delivering an optimal user experience on any device when ensuring the multi-channel support
  • How the unique Bizagi architecture can deliver an agile and faster approach to BPM

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What is an Open House Event?

To help you find the solutions that will generate fast positive outcomes from your PEX efforts you can review all the case studies in ten rapid-fire suggestions during just one week. Think of the same principle as when you want to buy a home – you go to an open house and check it out – that’s exactly what you can do with us if you register for PEX Open House.

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Why Should I Attend?

If you are part of the team that is helping your company to discover potential solutions, then let us help you to speed up the process. We’ll be sourcing 30-minute case studies and solution insights for you from the most successful PEX investment areas:

  • Data Analytics, Process Analytics and Business Intelligence – the #1 area of investment for 2015
  • BPM (Business Process Management) tools – featuring "Making your Customer the Focal Point through Business Process Management"
  • PEX Training Solutions – featuring "How to ‘flip’ Process Excellence (LSS) classes to Improve Performance"

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