Developers Aided by New Mobile Sequence Case Management Tool

BPM software provide, PNMsoft, has launched a new solution - Sequence Case Management (SCM).
SCM enables developers to reach their objects much faster and without code in the areas of form design, integration with external systems, mobile BPM, intelligent analytics, and end-user portals.
SCM is based on the BPM platform, SequenceTM and PMNsoft’s CTO James Luxford said of the launch: "As we enter the age of Digital Business, organizations are changing the way they work. As human work becomes more unstructured and specialized, experts are required to make knowledge-based decisions in an ad-hoc manner based on moment-to-moment conditions."
As of 2015, 60% of occupations are classified as non-routine as opposed to 40% routine. This increases the need for Case Management techniques to provide better business outcomes, Luxford says: "These teams require intelligent Case Management solutions which can guide and optimize their work."
The features of SCM include:
A Case Management dashboard
Case data and metadata
Sub-processes that can be invoked dynamically
Document Management capabilities
Advanced Collaboration and Social BPM
Intelligent Analytics and BI
Gal Horvitz, CEO of PNMsoft, added: "The solutions we craft, using our uniqueHotChange® technology, enable our customers to empower their Knowledge workers, providing them with the tools they need to make faster, better decisions."
In designing SCM, PNMsoft drew on its extensive experience working with Fortune-500 customers on Digital Transformation and Case Management initiatives. SCM supports all types of Case Management styles, which includes: Investigative, Incident Management, Service-request, and Process-to-decision.
Case Management is now being brought mobile with SCM, opening new doors and creating flexibility for field case workers. SMC uses HTML5 technology and is supported on all leading mobiles. This new capability allows case work to be done by field case workers when on-site for inspection and investigation.