Why speed and flexibility are the new process essentials

Craig Reid

We are in the midst of a process revolution. At no time in our history have businesses been so prone to the speed of change. Technology today has changed the game plan and the field is becoming more level. Big businesses no longer have the advantage they previously had. New media has turned things on its head.

But it’s also a consumer revolution – never have we had the ability to express ourselves so rapidly or as effectively as consumers.

What does this mean for organisations?

It’s a case of adapt or die. Social media tools such as Twitter are meaning that customers are venting like never before (both good and bad), but mostly bad. They are now able to be heard by the world –and heard instantly.

In the last 30 years or so we’ve become accustomed as customers to being disappointed. We’ve gotten used to "press 1 for blah, press 2 for blah…" and being shunted around in circles, our problems being passed around like hot potatoes until we give up.

Not any more.

Consumers now have the power and they’re using it. We are entering an age where they will expect a higher standard of service than ever before (and so they should).

Those blundering corporations that don’t return calls, don’t respond to e-mails and don’t give the service that they spend so much money advertising are going to have a wake-up call. They have never been at risk of such consumer erosion in their history. They are at risk from upstarts, from small business, from competitors who "get it".

Remember "good old fashioned service"? Well it isn’t old fashioned anymore!

As a result business processes now need to be flexible enough to change to rapidly respond to customers’ needs and wants.

If ever there was a time for BPM to prove its worth, that time is now.


First published on www.theprocessninja.com. Reprinted with permission.