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Infographic: Performance Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Transforming customer feedback into opportunity Infographic: Big Data and Financial Services Infographic: BPM Challenges and Priorities
The pharmaceutical industry could potentially save $90 billion from increased efficiency. This infographic highlights interesting facts and figures as it relates to each stage of the supply chain, starting with product development. Learn more. As organizations reel from ongoing uncertainty in the euro-zone and contend with emerging threats from low cost countries and innovative digital upstarts, truly knowing and understanding what your customers want can no longer be a "shot in the dark". PEX Network conducted this research based on a survey of over 800 process professionals to build a better picture of how companies are listening to and translating customer feedback to drive process improvement activities. Learn more. More than half of financial services organizations have or are considering a big data strategy, according to a recent survey of financial services executives by IQPC, the parent company of PEX Network. Reducing risk and improving operational management tops the list of drivers of big data for financial services companies with over 58% citing this as one of the core drivers. Infographic depicting key survey findings. Learn more. Data silos are considered the number one issue for companies interested in deploying computing infrastructure or applications to the cloud according to a recent research conducted by BPM Futures USA, an event run by PEX Network Events. Learn more.
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