Watch the Webinar: "Sustainable CI: How to Overcome Common Barriers to Continuous Improvement"

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Webinar Details

The ability to execute continuous process improvement is a competitive differentiator. Changing customer behaviors and market dynamics mean that business agility is now more important than ever. But it's one thing to make changes and another to make them stick! Some research claims that nearly 60% of all corporate Six Sigma initiatives fail to yield the desired results.

In this webinar Þr Gunnarsdôttir, Head of Continuous Improvement at TIBCO, explains why it’s time to push continuous improvement beyond traditional tools and thinking to manage and collaboratively sustain your improvement initiatives. Þr offers first hand insight into what works to sustain results and the pitfalls that will lead you on the fast-track to failure.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the most commonly cited barriers to continuous improvement and gain practical suggestions on how to overcome them
  • Learn how to create a holistic management framework to combine process management, analytics and collaboration into an effective continuous improvement platform
  • Get concrete ideas on how to engage your entire workforce in Continuous Improvement
  • See a concise demonstration of TIBCO technologies working together to support collaborative and sustainable process improvement