Retail Excellence Week Overview

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Retailers need to respond to dynamic and fast changing conditions and they need to constantly be thinking about the next big thing – whether that’s a product or a way of doing business.

Have you noticed the phenomenal success of new online retailers like, for instance? Traditional bricks and mortar stores are fast being displaced by a world of new technology – mobile, social media, online - and customer centric approaches.

The future world of retailing looks much more multichanneled and more dynamic - not to mention more complicated - than ever before.

What role can process improvement play? Is standardization as important – or even as possible - as in other industries? How can you leverage proven process excellence methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma to drive the improvements that enhance performance and really impact the bottom line? And where does technology – or BPM for that matter - fit into all this?

If you’re interested in the answer to these questions then PEX Network’s special Retail Excellence series is for you!

Retail Excellence Week ran 9-13 May, but all the industry insight from leading global retailers including Gap, Office Depot, Target Corporation, and more is available in this special Retail Resource center.


Beyond Lean Six Sigma: How Best Buy Delivers Business Results with End to End Process Management

Mike Fisher, Senior Director of Lean Six Sigma, MBB, at Best Buy, presents how the global electronics retailer views challenges from an end-to-end perspective to drive improvements to enhance the external and internal customer experience. Sign up now.

How Office Depot’s Business Process Improvement (BPI) group is injecting Continuous Improvement into the company’s organizational DNA

Vince Pierce, Director of Operational Excellence and Donald Mears, Change Management Lead, at Office Depot share how the company drives continuous improvement throughout the company to create a culture of accountability and superior execution. Sign up now.

A Retailer's Guide to Integrating Lean Six Sigma Into Company Culture: The Keys to Sustainability

Frank Cruz, former Director of Operational Excellence at JC Penney's, discusses how to embed Lean Six Sigma in the DNA of a retail Shared Services center and offers insight on how to avoid the cultural pitfalls that plague many Lean Six Sigma implementations. Watch now.

Reinventing the Retail Customer Experience in a Multi-Channel World: Applying BPM to Transform Customer Engagement

Neshat Soofi, Sr. Group Manager Safety and Quality Assurance, Target Corporation, discusses how the retailer, voted Mobile Retailer of the year 2010, leverages its customer feedback - whether it’s gathered from traditional customer telephone help lines through to the new frontiers of social media. Watch now.


Using the Balanced Scorecard to Improve Retail Operations

George Thomas, Property Leader at UK retailer Tesco, answers questions on the company’s "steering wheel", a balanced scorecard approach, which measures their success. Read now.

The Hidden Costs of Providing What Your Customer Wants

Scott Atkinson, Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Manager & Trading Development Manager at Poundland, one of the UK's leading discount retailers, looks at how many companies fail to identify - let alone address - the hidden costs associated with providing their customer with the products they want. Atkinson looks at how you determine the true profitability of the customer and product/services mix using Cost to Serve (CTS). Read now.


Process Management in HR to Make Employees A Retailer’s Best Friend

Marla Debbaudt, Director of Talent Management Operations at Gap Inc. discusses the importance of process standardization to enable employees to live up to the truism that an employee is a company’s greatest asset. Listen now.

RFID – The Greatest Thing for Retailers Since Bar Codes?

Patrick Javick and James Mannion, of global standards agency GS1, discuss Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and describe how US retailers are using it for inventory control and supply chain tracking. Listen now.

Customer Loyalty and How You Can Get More of It

British retail expert Peter Wray talks about the evolution of customer loyalty schemes and shares what works and what doesn’t. Listen now.