Provider Profiles: AuraPortal

Craig Sharp

In the last of our Provider Profiles, we were able to speak to AuraPortal, a company that, according to Olivia Trilles, Chief Operations Officer prize a job well done above all else.

The company we know today was founded in 2001. The company’s founder, Dr Juan J. Trilles, began the company after his previous business, Dimoni Software, was acquired by a Dutch corporation. His new company, AuraPortal, would be dedicated to workflow, process and content management.

The name, according to Olivia, reflects the ethos of the software it offers – a company is about more than just numbers, it’s about the people, the atmosphere, the processes. The elements that shape a company make up its ‘aura’, the software Dr Trilles’ organization offer, is a gateway to all aspects of that aura.

It’s becoming a trend among BPM providers to use something other than the traditional license software model, AuraPortal’s BPM solution, Helium (named after the noble gas), takes its own novel approach to pricing – paying just for the modules you need rather than the entire package.

A good BPM includes all of the necessary functionalities to be able to manage all enterprise activities. AuraPortal is designed to manage all the processes of any organization: BPA, a form design tool, process intelligence analysis, integration tools, intranet, document management, content management, business rules, case management and so on. However, not every organization will need all of the features it provides, so grouping them into different modules is a very important pricing strategy for customers."

Pride in excellence

AuraPortal have had more than their fair share of success since inception in 2001, winning numerous awards for their platform and business model. In 2007, just three years after the product came to market, Gartner Inc. included AuraPortal in their top 25 chosen BPMS in the world. In 2009, Gartner again gave AuraPortal the same rating and in 2011, AuraPortal ranked the highest in OVUM’s Decision Matrix: "Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor".

For a young company, it’s an impressive track record, I ask Olivia to what extend BPM is practiced within the company itself, "All our employees with AuraPortal on a daily basis. Here we organize our tasks according to the required actions, the deadlines and any other factors. We can arrange them according to priority; hide them until a certain date/time, etc. And we know the margin for completing each task at all times. This way of working has proven highly effective; managing without AuraPortal seems inconceivable now.

"We have now reached a level of BPM maturity that very few organizations have reached. AuraPortal is our overall management system. It permeates the entire organization, linking all tasks to each other and to any information or documentation, interacting with all management areas."

The pursuit of happiness

Process management is known to have a certain amount of rigidity, and it sounds like the AuraPortal offices are operated with military precision, so naturally I ask about the culture within the company. What I find it that the company operate with happiness and personal fulfilment in mind:

It goes without saying that everybody seeks happiness. When someone spends their time doing things in the right way, it makes them feel good about themselves. This is our aim, we are proud to do things with the maximum care and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. We feel rewarded, and this makes us passionate about our work. This makes the working atmosphere very friendly, supportive and collaborative."