Business Process Management: Top 12 BPM Bloggers

Business Process Management bloggers – an opinionated bunch?

Nowhere captures the noisy diversity of opinions on Business Process Management - is it a management discipline, a capability, a technology or all of the above? - better than the blogosphere. Some bloggers tend to take a more academic approach to BPM while others like to shoot from the hip and say it like it is (emphasizing a more practical, just get on with it type of approach). We think there’s room for a wide range of opinions and approaches in what remains a dynamic and changing discipline.

So (drum roll please!) in no particular order, PEX Network has picked what we think are some of the best BPM blogs out there:

Blogger #1: Adam Deane

Business Process and Workflow

Adam Deane works as CTO of ProcessPolicy, a BPM start-up in London. He views his blog as a creative outlet and "the ultimate Petri dish for ideation and innovation" – which means you can expect him to push the boundaries of the topic as well as take a more original and entertaining look at BPM (his recent Christmas process poem and Halloween story stands out, for instance). His BPM quotes of the week are a useful summary of some of the debates going on in the industry and the views of different bloggers and experts (you’ll see he often cites many of the people who have been named in this list!). In his writing Adam achieves the formidable task of making BPM not only accessible but also entertaining….

Blogger #2: Theo Priestley


Authored by the indomitable Theo Priestley, BPMRedux claims to have been "rattling the cage since 2007". Theo himself wears many hats working as a consultant, industry analyst, start-up advisor and writer. His blog is brash, opinionated and gets you to think critically about BPM. Don’t read BPMRedux expecting any consulting schmaltz - Theo is well informed and says what he thinks…even if it means challenging industry orthodoxy.

Blogger #3: Craig Reid

Process Ninja

Craig Reid, an Australian consultant, promises to "demystify BPM and BPR" and his highly accessible blog does just that. Craig is a great storyteller and recounts lots of stories about his interactions with different companies, anecdotes from his personal experience running BPM projects and offers practical ideas on what it takes to run successful BPM projects/programs. He contributes regularly to other website and some of his articles have even made an appearance on

Blogger #4: Neil Ward-Dutton

MWD Insights

The blog of MWD Advisors, a UK-based process and IT advisory firm, is maintained by Neil Ward-Dutton, an analyst with a long history in the BPM space (he's also worked with us on a number of conferences and a recent webinar and we can vouch that he's not just knowledgeable but also lovely to deal with). He covers a wide variety of topics on his blog – some technology but also a lot about people engagement and the softer side of BPM.

Blogger #5: Sandy Kemsley

Column 2

This is Sandy Kemsley’s blog on BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business. Sandy is a systems architect and independent analyst who has worked on workflow and BPM technology for more than two decades. Her blog posts tend to focus on the technology side of BPM and she provides updates on highlights from the conferences she attends – so a great blog to get the low down on a conference if you didn’t get a chance to attend yourself.


Blogger #6: Keith Swenson

Collaborative Planning & Social Business

Keith Swenson, VP of Research and Development at Fujitsu, writes that he’s been on a "25 year journey to try and find the keys to technology that will help people collaborate more effectively". That mission comes through in his blog posts where he tends to focus on the human side of technology – how people use it (both successfully and unsuccessfully). That thing that we like so much about Keith’s blog is that it’s highly accessible and well written and helps to make sense of some really quite complex topics.

Blogger #7: Bruce Silver

BPMS Watch

Bruce Silver’s BPMS Watch is slightly more technical than some of the other bloggers, which perhaps isn’t surprising given that Bruce – a consultant and industry analyst - was one of the authors of BPMN 2.0 (the process modelling language used in BPM) and the name of the blog itself refers to the technology used within BPM. But Bruce has been around in the industry since 1994 and there are those who say what he doesn’t know about BPMN isn’t worth knowing! He’s also got degree in Physics from Princeton and a PHD from M.I.T. so clearly an immense amount of brain power behind those blog posts….

Blogger #8: Connie Moore

Connie Moore’s blog

Forrester Research’s Connie Moore is a lady with her finger on the pulse especially when it comes to the intersection of technology, people and process. While her current research focus is on insights for CIOs, much of what she is researching centres on how greater alignment between process and IT teams.

Blogger #9: Max J.Pucher

Welcome to the Real (IT) World!

Max J. Pucher, founder of ISIS Papyrus Software, offers up "politically incorrect thoughts on information technology" and likes to challenge the BPM status quo. He’s got strong opinions that does not always square with others in the community but you’ll find his blog full of insight and rich information. Plus he lists "quantum physics" as one of his personal interests, which means he must be pretty cool in our books.

Blogger #10: Jim Sinur

Jim Sinur’s Blog

Gartner’s Jim Sinur adopts a more formal tone in his writing than many of the other bloggers on this list but there’s no arguing that his opinions have gravitas. Widely considered one of the industry’s thought leaders, Jim has over 45 years of experience in the IT industry and blogs about BPM technological developments, trends and even specific case studies.

Blogger #11: Ian Gotts

Making you think

Ian Gotts is a VP at TIBCO software but looking at his blog, you'd expect him to running a creative design agency. As the title of his blog suggests, Ian is not your typical BPM blogger. Instead he writes about a wide variety of technological, cultural, and consumer trends.

Blogger #12: Dan Morris

BPM Straight Up

While this isn’t a blog in the strictest sense of the word, we couldn’t resist giving one of’s regular columnists a particular shout out for his BPM Straight Up column. Dan Morris has over 25 years of experience in business and IT operation transformation and management. Not only is he heavily involved with the US chapter of ABPMP (Association of Business Process Management Professionals) and the Forrester International BPM Council but he’s written no less than 3 books on business transformation. He has been writing his a monthly BPM column that looks at everything from technology through to his latest lament on why the state of customer service remains so abysmal in many companies.

There are lots of other great resources out there: Business Process Incubator, BPTrends, eBizQ, SuccessfulWorkplace, They’re not included among the list of blogs as they’re collaboratively run sites rather than the musings from the mind of a single individual – but all well worth checking out.

What do you think? Have we missed out any of the top Business Process Management blogs? What other blogs do you find useful? Let us know by leaving a comment!