Delivering an integrated approach to Process Excellence: aligning IT and process improvement

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Involving process improvement professionals in BPMS projects leads to better outcomes  - so why aren’t more organizations doing it?

The use of specialised technologies for business process automation and improvement (BPMSs specifically) has accelerated over the past decade. While thousands of organisations have benefited from this - in the form of reduced manual processes, increased efficiency and reduced costs - process improvement practitioners have largely remained disconnected from projects that use BPMS technology. However, where process improvement professionals do get involved in these projects, the outcomes tend to be better. 

So what is holding organisations back from delivering more integrated approaches to business process improvement? And conversely, what can we learn from those who have led the charge?

In this webinar, Neil Ward-Dutton and Mark McGregor present the findings of a recent survey conducted in collaboration with PEX Network exploring these questions.

Join this webinar to:

  • Reflect on what the changing role of technology and process automation in our organizations means for you and your role as a process practitioner
  • Understand what it means to deliver a more integrated approach to business process improvement
  • Hear advice from innovators who have had success with an integrated approach and get practical ideas you can apply to your own organization


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Neil Ward-Dutton Co-founder and Research Director MWD