Best of 2018: BPM

Ian Hawkins


Looking back at the best of 2018, BPM has been something that we've come back to time and again. 

Here's a starter guide to BPM, but for a more comprehensive A-Z, this ebook is, for my money, probably the most valuable piece of content we've made available all year. 

If you think that BPM is going to disappear - you're wrong. Everyone's talking about blockchain, and my co author on Blockchain explained told me 'Ian, blockchain is BPM.' So this is what we came up with. 

Do you still need BPM if you're working with RPA? This webinar says yes - it's crucial if you're hoping to drive RPA at scale. 

Here's a list of the big names in BPM who ran sessions at BPM Live 2018... keep your eyes peeled on PEX Network throughout 2019 for more on BPM. 


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