Movers and shakers: the BPM red carpet

The world of BPM can be confusing – and contradictory. The truth is that businesses are complicated entities and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that will work for everyone. But there are some people who have seen BPM used across a diverse spectrum of organisations, who are able to know what works when – and what doesn’t.

Who are these red carpet BPM VIPs?

Here’s the PEX Network’s list of the people in the know who we think are worth knowing about.


Peter Evans, Global Continuous Improvement Director, LEGO
Peter’s experience as Continuous Improvement director takes in processes large and small from around the world across an incredibly diverse workforce and market. What will work in one territory may not work in another – and he’s the one holding all the threads.

Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist, UiPath
Guy’s job title is ‘evangelist’ for a reason – he’s one of the most outspoken and interesting voices in the industry today. Never shy of controversy, he’s been at UiPath through a period of incredible growth, and is not afraid of confronting uncomfortable truths head-on.

Malcolm Ross, VP of Product, Appian
An industry veteran of nearly 20 years standing, Malcolm says that the ways of engaging with customers is getting more and more complex in an era of social media and apps – he says: ‘All these different systems need to come together to provide a holistic perspective of the customer…Many times customers have a broken customer journey experience is because they built solutions based on siloed needs. When that manifests from a digital experience to the customers it looks like a completely disjointed process.’ He advocates systems that provide better visibility – however customers are communicating with an organisation.


Michal Rosik, CPO, Minit
Michal is a self-described ‘product visionary’ for Minit. He says that the firm’s process intelligence technology helps managers make informed decisions by analyzing log data from the customer’s IT systems and designing a better processes. Michel and team featured in Forbes magazine earlier this year.

Nicholas Hymer, Senior Process Transformation Manager, Aflac and Signavio
Transformation is a big concept that is growing in importance – and Nicolas is keen to solve problems for his customers by thinking beyond what they think is possible. Nicholas says: ‘Problem solving manifests itself in many ways, but when we scale these passions, things that are improbable and difficult are suddenly attainable and effortless. We’ve successfully re-engineered processes, implemented new technologies, delivered sustainable results, and best of all created an excellent customer experience and generated value for stakeholders.’

James Morgan, IT Manager, A14 Project – Costain
James has overseen a number of big transformational projects for Central Government, Blue Chip enterprises and SMEs, including server rationalisation/relocation programmes, moving from paper-based processes to electronic applications/forms and implementing no-code Business Process Management solutions.

Andy Sutherland and Alex Petrunenko, Bpm'online
Bpm’online is a market leading, low-code software platform specializing in Business Process Automation and CRM software.

Andy and Alex say their mission is to work with an ecosystem of partners to guide customers through the Digital Transformation of internal business processes. The result? Accelerated user adoption and deployment times.


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