Process Automation Playbook for Google Apps

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Everyone loves Google Apps. With Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Apps Script, and so many other options, it’s no wonder why businesses turn to G Suite for productivity software.

But if there’s one gaping hole in Google Apps, it’s automation. Google Apps are not built to automate tasks, which causes a lot of business workflows to stumble and tip over.

The Process Automation Playbook for Google Apps is the resource you need to find the best solution for automated workflows. This e-book is a must-read for every business that uses Google Apps to understand G Suite’s shortcomings in automating workflows, and how to overcome them

When you read this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why the combination of Gmail and Google Sheets is a recipe for chaos
  • Why Google Forms doesn’t count as a workflow tool
  • Why businesses shy away from using Apps Script
  • The right solution, 99% of the time

Download the ebook now to get a real-world understanding of Google Apps through relatable business examples, and get your business processes flowing again!