PEX LinkedIn Group passes 30,000 members


Are you making the best possible use of LinkedIn? Is the platform regularly showing you information, giving you early warnings of big events, connecting you with influential people and helping you career?

If not, it's not necessarily LinkedIn's fault - it might be yours.

The PEX LinkedIn group is a great place to start changing your relationship with LinkedIn and make the network work. Signing up will get you all the content that you're used to seeing on PEX Network. You'll also see what others are saying, and have a place to establish yourself as being 'one to watch' in the PEX world.

Join discussions with your peers across the world, and meet others in the PEX space. Want to find out whether a piece of content is worth acting on? Your peers will help. Want to access information that's not on the Network? Your peers will be sharing it. Disagree with opinions and views expressed? It's open season on LinkedIn...

For many, LinkedIn is THE place to go whether you're looking for a new job or a new employee. The world of recruitment has changed massively thanks to the digital world, and LinkedIn is the number one place for professionals looking to develop their career - or find the talent their business needs. Becoming a member of the PEX group is a great way of making yourself a known quantity, and people hire people.