Vodafone: Disjointed IT Transforms into a Seamless Customer Journey

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Tuesday, September 08, 2015
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT
Vodafone: Disjointed IT Transforms into a Seamless Customer Journey
Vodafone Germany has embarked on a digital transformation to improve the customer experience for enterprise/B2B customer segments.   As their enterprise business continues to grow, meeting the needs of this important segment has become increasingly complex due to Vodafone Germany’s fragmented IT systems. To achieve their vision of creating standardization and synergies to provide the best possible experience during the entire customer lifecycle, Vodafone Germany decoupled their legacy from the business to become more agile.


Jens Fudickar
Head of Enterprise IT BPM Competence
Vodafone Germany

Jens joined Vodafone in 1999 and is driving the harmonization of Business Process Management projects in Vodafone’s Enterprise Business in Germany. Vodafone uses the BPM projects to support the digital transformation for the Enterprise Business. The transformation focuses the entire process chain including sales, order fulfillment, customer service, service assurance and online/B2B.  Jens has a long history in Vodafone with various responsibilities and was the project manager of the first BPM software project in Vodafone Germany. 

Ken Benner
Director, Industry Principal, Communications

Ken Benner is an Industry Principal for the Communications industry at Pega and has 18 years of experience building and delivering BSS and OSS. Having worked for two software companies building telecom-specific packaged applications, Ken sees Pega as a unique and disruptive approach to building communications applications.