Learn how to manage at a distance

Find out how to develop an operations mind-set for leading remote teams and a resilient organization which can withstand risk and change

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This year has brought huge change for the working habits of both businesses and individuals. Many companies around the globe have been forced to initiate business continuity plans to support their remote workforces. For some, this has been met with a number of challenges due to the nature of their work. For service operations in large banks, insurance, business process outsourcing and larger shared services organizations it has also presented a host of new opportunities.

Many large companies announced a significant delay in their plans to return to their offices. Many have introduced new flex work programs providing choices to employees and managers by balancing work time and location, presenting new challenges to team leaders and managers as they have to learn new ways of workforce management to organize resources and time, as well as ensure employee well-being. 

Organized by ActiveOps, this course will help attendees develop an operations mind-set for leading remote teams and a resilient organization able to withstand risk and change. It will offer tips on daily and weekly plans to help balance work, time and people, providing valuable resources and training for those looking to survive and thrive under challenging circumstances.

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Who should take this course:

  • Organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare and business process outsourcing.
  • New and experienced team leaders and managers.

Key learnings from this course will include:

  • How to measure and control work in a time of change.
  • Considerations for staff well-being.
  • How to plan, forecast and control work for teams.
  • Common concerns for the remote-working environment.
  • The big five of weekly meetings.
  • Tips on how to make virtual buzz meetings engaging.
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