Treading the line: why feedback is important for successful change

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Change can be baffling, but the approaches to change can be just as much of a minefield: there's no 'one size fits all' because each organization has its own culture and what works in one place won't always work everywhere. Yamir Lopez of Novartis tells host Seth Adler that change has to be carried out according to the landscape that people are already working within. Are you making progress, or veering off in the wrong direction? The only way of knowing is to listen!

Yamir Lopez of Novartis

'There are many change management methodologies out there, but what we believe in is measuring before and after from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint; if we craft a strategy and we ask the people how aligned are we and what could help improve, boost their engagement, we take a before snapshot survey, and then say, okay, these are the things we're going to implement to address this engagement.'